The Story

My (33) dad had an affair and got the woman pregnant, leading to my parents divorce when I was 6. He was involved enough in my life, covered my college and things like that, but as I got into my teens I was a lot closer to my mom.

He and his wife had a daughter ‘Anna’, and they also had 2 more kids later, my half-siblings. I talk to them sometimes but we’re not close. Anna is nice enough, but she also has a history of being jealous of me and we don’t have a sister relationship at all.

Anna got married last year and she moved out of state with her husband. We recently got bad news that Anna and her husband were in a serious accident. My dad and his family flew out yesterday, and he told me to come to see Anna.

The problem is me and my boyfriend are going on vacation in a few days. Everything’s booked obviously, so it’s not possible for me to go without changing our plans.

I told dad and he got pretty upset, his wife also tried to talk to me but I was firm, and told them I understand where they’re coming from but I already have plans.